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Make Innovation Your Company's DNA

We are people-first problem solvers, empathetic listeners, and determined creators.  We believe that innovation should run through an organization’s blood, passed on to every new and old employee. It should not be a one-off experience. 


We are here to help organizations work better together, make timely strategic decisions, and create a culture of innovation that empowers them to solve problems that really matter. 

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Create an agile and collaborative team culture

Empower your employees with innovative team meeting and ritual design. Remove silos through efficient collaboration techniques. Learn how to incorporate human-centered "pauses" and team reflections to multiply creative output and build a resilient culture.


Tackle business-critical challenges fast

Launch products, optimize existing or new services, address a new business challenge or goal with a human-centered approach by applying Google’s proven design sprint methodology. Sprints can typically combine months of work into as little as 2 days.


Equip your organization with an Innovation Toolbox

Leverage the power of multiple perspectives and agile practices to create the best decisions and reach collective buy-in efficiently.  Apply these practices on high-level business strategy sessions to everyday meetings and collaborations.

 Our point of view is that each company's needs are unique. We don't believe in copy and paste solutions.  We want to create the best experience for your people. All of our programs are custom designed to deliver the best business results for your company.

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We work with people that are change catalyzers within their organization. They see the need to bring about a new culture of innovation leadership and aren’t afraid to rock status-quo to discover a better way.


In today’s world the pace of innovation and transformation is exponential, to keep up organizations need to not only future proof through digital transformation, but they need to have faster, more creative ways of working.  They need methodologies that allow employees to get ideas developed and tested out the door quickly.  Organizations need to keep up with changing consumer demands and anticipate market changes.  


Catapult's innovation methodologies and team development workshops provide the tools and environment to create a transformation culture.  We will equip your people, and therefore, empower your organization to successfully innovate.

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Chandni Shah Motwani

Founder & CEO,

Product Strategy & Innovation

Chandni is an entrepreneur, expert in design thinking and product strategy, and ex-Googler. Chandni's experience ranges from management consulting to product development in both startups and corporates. She has led large cross-functional teams and experienced first-hand the obstacles companies face. She customizes innovation methods to optimize team productivity and creativity within any size/type of organization.


Chandni attended Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA  and received her:

M.S focused in Engineering Technology Innovation Management 

B.Sc in Electrical and Computer Engineering and, B.Sc in Economics.

"I founded Catapult Innovation to empower teams and individuals to innovate through design thinking, agile practices, and human-centered design. I believe that companies must learn how to succeed, by learning to fail fast and pivot their offerings to meet changing consumer demands.  

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Josh Weinstein,

Product Manager, Google

I would highly recommend Chandni for any team that needs an innovative and strategic thinker with strong product instincts

Mark Collins,

COO, Nest.VC 

Chandni has a wealth of knowledge and experience and a knack for sharing and transfer, bringing in her flair and design thinking experience to engage and educate, resulting in not only happy customers but upskilled colleagues.

Serena Pau,

Head of Product, China Light & Power 

Chandni has a mindset of a startup entrepreneur and at the same time understands the energy industry and corporate setting.

Janae Hagen,

Senior Manager, U.S Fortune 500 Coffee Co.

Chandni  and her team led us through a strategy planning session following a massive reorg. In just a few hours, with her guidance and facilitation, our team was able to articulate our purpose and charter for the year ahead. This session boosted both morale and empathy within our team and helped us emerge from the fog that comes with a structure change.





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